Zih Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd. will launch a RWD website on December, 2018


     In 2005, Zhi Mao successfully R&D the nanotechnology into starch, and won the Industrial Development Bureau Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and got the patent of the nano starch manufacturing method. In the same year, the application nano-technology to the cosmetics industry, and “Zih Mao Nano Biotech Co., Ltd. was established, responsible for the production and maintenance of cosmetics, SAVOURER is the brand name. In 2008, the patent for “SAVOURER U-SOL-A PEARL POWDER ” was obtained, and It has obtained SGS inspection and has excellent quality. In addition, our food grade starch production line, with the high quality requirements, it is tested by ISO22000 & HACCP every year and passed the production inspection certification of TFDA.


        Starch is one of the natural polymers that can be decomposed in the ocean. Therefore, we have researched and developed a bio-degradable starch plastic material and can be used in the plastics industry. Green-TPS is our starch plastic master batch, which can be used in manufacturing of injection, extrusion and blown plastics.


        Due to environmental protection, countries start to ban the uses of chemicals. The environmental duties and social responsibilities of industries are becoming more and more strictly. Therefore, our company is currently working on the development and application of starch-based waterproofing agents, oil-repellent agents and flocculants, which can replace some of the traditional petrochemicals but also can answer to the current manufacturing processes and formulations.


    Zhi Mao further provides the following services to customers:


1. New material project development: In response to environmental thinkings, we can offer customers the new eco-materials, eco-products and applications of them.

 The cost of betting can therefore provide customers with a development cooperation in the opening of materials/products for environmentally friendly materials/products in new markets.

2. Quality improvement of present products: As market changes, customers need to upgraded and improved product quickly, and we have teams that can improve quality of present products.

3. Formulation R&D: We can cooperate with customers who need for formula development of product to offer formulation R&D.

4. Manufacturing Process guidance:  We can offer suggestions and manufacturing process guidances to customers for long term services with our several years experiences in this industry.