About Company

ZIH MAO has committed to the market application development of the starch, fiber and other natural substrates for 30 years since 1989. Our development and customer service includes material modification, efficiency improvement of process, and product innovation. In addition, we set up a new R&D department for supporting the demands on new materials and markets required from the customers to provide the safe product with reasonable price, which conforms to the customer’s needs as well.

Since 1995, ZIH MAO’s business has expanded to overseas market. The products application market s are widely expended to paper strength enhancer, starch binder for gypsum board, modified starch for food industry, starch glue for paper tube, bio-based adhesives, starch sizing agent in textile industry, bio-based flocculating agent, green bio-based chemicals and starch based biodegradable plastics.

Our Clients:
1. Paper & Paper Converting Industry
Starch has played a role as strength enhancer in paper industry for a long history.
Our innovative starches are designed to improve paper manufacturer at the increasing of the starch retention ratio without negative effect on paper strength.
With these benefits from our starches, cleaner quality of re-use water system and the reduction of the cost of waste water could be achieved possibly.
ZMCAT and ZMAM series are cationic starch and amphoteric starch. They are widely used in paper wet end to increase the paper strength.
ZMOXS and ZMOAS series are oxidized starch used in surface sizing to improve the paper strength, and which has good compatibility with the surface sizing agent includes AKD or SAE system.
ZMCA series are starch glue used in corrugated board as a binder. For achieving different market request and production operation and product quality, we have 2 doses, 1dose and no cooking starch glue.
ZIH MAO also provides spray starch and the relative spray system for the paper mill that has spray system requirement.

2. Food Processing Industry
Our modified starches are widely used as the thickener, taste-improver, and texture enhancer in diverse food processing industries.
Our ZMF-301 and ZMF-GE/GP series are Acetylated Starch and Acetylated Distarch Phosphate that are widely used in food processing industry to enhance the mouth feel and provide better quality.
ZMF-SEO and ZMF-SPO series are used as a starch emulsifier in diary product, ice-cream.
SIMPURE and CLS is our new innovative starches, which comply with clean label production, provide consumers with simple, pure and safe food materials.
SIMPURE and CLS products are modified physically not by chemical traditionally modification and produced in clean production.

3. Construction Industry
ZM-800 series are widely used in gypsum board as a nature adhesive binder.
ZM-AF series is a kind of physical modification starch, which is used in cover of the surface of dust to prevent the air pollution caused in operation.

4. Industrial Adhesive Industry
Starch based industrial adhesives are widely applications.
ZMDEX series are used as starch based glue for paper tube maker. The new modified starch glue has replaced the traditional native starch for achieving stable finished product and reducing people error in operation.
ZMPV series provide high adhesion and cost saving glue solution for paper board binder.

5. Bio-Plastics Industry
Green-TPS (Green Thermoplastics Starch) is our starch based master-batch for biodegradable products.
Green TPS provides a new version of how we identify plastics; we avoid lots of petrochemical used in making plastics. We take plant materials locally as much as possible to reduce the air pollution caused by overseas transportation. We wish provide a new kind of plastics, which is good for earth and for human being.



New Material Project Development

We can offer customers the new eco-materials, eco-products and applications of them.

Formulation R&D

We can cooperate and offer formulation R&D to customers who need for formula development of product.

Manufacturing Process Guidance

We can offer suggestions and manufacturing process guidances to customers with our several years experiences.

Quality Improvement of Present Products

We have teams that can improve quality of customer's present products.

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