Zih Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd. will launch a RWD website on December, 2018


  • Bubble tea ~ Starch ~ Taiwan

    Bubble tea ~ Starch ~ Taiwan
    Thirty years ago, Taiwanese beverage shop added Boba into milk tea and then named it “Bubble tea”. The recipe accidentally created a unique flavor and it became a popular selling drinking in the shop. Therefor......more

  • ZIH MAO Got the FDA Registraton Certificate

    We, ZIH MAO get the registration number, 10598369910 from FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) this year to satisfy the restrict food safety level demand from the customers and provide the clients product with high market-stan......more

  • ZIH MAO purchases a new equipment – Rheometer

    In response to the change of market demand, the integration of materials and commodities is facing greater challenges. We have purchased a new equipment - Rheometer, in order to speed up the new development of products and appl......more

  • ZIH MAO Company extend GHP Certificate

    Zih Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd. extend certification: Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for FOOD (GHP), Manufacture of Food Additive. The certification issued by Food Industry Research and Development Institute. Period of valid......more

  • ZIH MAO Company get GHP Certificate

    Zih Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd. got the verification of Food safety Accreditation & Certification System issued by Food and Drug Administration in 11th, March 2016. Purpose of the verification regulats the food industry operat......more

  • Verification by Germany TÜV Rhine Group

    This report reflects our findings for Zih Mao about business information. Business information such as company name, address, email address, company ID, telephone number, employee number, revenue, main product, management pers......more

  • Product Liability Insurance

    As a raw material supplier not a food finished product manufacture, we make Product Liability Insurance just for increasing clients's confident on our product. ...more

  • News - Great Starch Emulsifier Published

    News - Great Starch Emulsifier Published
    Our R & D team constantly create new applications in starch. ZMF-EO202 series of products, superior to starch as emulsifier, can be used in salads, ice cream, sausages, etc. the need for the application of emulsifiers for ......more

  • Purchase the Starch Processing Food Machine 1 Set

    In response to current market demand, we purchase another set of food processing machinery in June 2010, to meet the market demand for current customers, and expanded product-oriented to meet the demands of more different count......more

  • New Product : Substitute the Starch on Industry

    New Product : Substitute the Starch on Industry
    ~~New Product Publish: Substitute the Starch on Paper, Textile Industry etc.~~ Model Name: ZM-RC50 Purpose: Better performance and cost down for the increasing cost of native starch. Appearance: light yellow liquid Base: ......more

  • New brand SAVOURER was born

    Our new brand, SAVOURER, was born for the new business group. Cosmetics and Functional Foods are the main departments, for the excellent techniques and quality control, the achievement is gorgeous and growing. We also could ser......more