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Bio Oil-Repellent- Paper Coating

Bio Oil-Repellent- Paper Coating

ZMAOS series

ZMAOS series are the starch based oil-repellent without any PFOA/PFOS because of human health concern.

Not only be eco-friendly but also provide good oil-resistant property while applying in paper making. Meanwhile, the paper strength is also improved by using ZMAOS series.

Product details:

  1. Type:  tapioca or corn based modified starch derivates
  2. Appearance: white or yellow powder
  3. Moisture: < 14%
  4. Toxicity:  No health hazard at normal handling for industrial use
  5. Package:  25kgs/ paper bag ; 500, 600, 800, 850 kgs/jumbo bag
  6. Shelf Life:  under normal warehouse storage condition and undamaged for 12 months.

* FDA Registration Certificate

Successful fields of application:


  1. Stable viscosity in high concentration Use (20% Min)
  2. Compatible with ASA or AKD
  3.  High pick-up


  1. Paper bag for food package
  2. Oil proof paper
  3. Water proof paper